Madou is the founder of Prime Dash and affiliate companies. Prior to this role, Madou was the CEO of Systems & Solutions International Group (SSIG), a global management consulting company helping businesses with innovative financial, operations, and management systems. As a business consultant, Madou Sylla has saved many companies from imminent failure, coordinated mergers and acquisitions, turned inefficient organizations into well-oiled operations, and groomed numerous executives to become effective, dynamic, and successful.

On an average day, Madou is conceptualizing and developing cutting-edge business systems to help leaders and decision-makers. He faithfully invests his time and efforts on developing new processes and technologies that reduce the use of resources, promote efficiency, and increase market share for companies.

Madou holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Shepherd University and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Marshall University.

Every year, Madou is invited to speak at multiple events focusing on Entrepreneurship,  Technology, Business Ownership,  Management, Global Poverty, Agriculture, and Sustainability.

Other Work and Interests:

  • Technology and Engineering Systems
  • Agricultural Sustainability
  • Poverty Reduction Programs
  • Global Politics and Economics
  • Travel
  • Healthy Eating
  • Weightlifting & Fitness


Current Work:

CEO of Prime Dash

Prime Dash is a SMART business financial software giving decision-makers the simple tools they need to grow their businesses and earn the highest profits.

Books Published:

Available on Amazon
Available on Amazon



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